YOUTH: It’s Christmas Week!

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Well, I mean, technically, it isn’t christmas week for another few weeks, BUT IT’S THE YOUTH CHRISTMAS WEEK THIS WEEK!  Joy, joy, joy!

FUEL: Tuesday night (Dec 11th) It’s the FUEL CHRISTMAS PARTY!  Come 6pm HUNGRY and ready to eat SPAGHETTI!  Also bring a $10 gift-exchange gift for someone of the same gender!  It’s also our FIRST FUEL FILM FEST, and many have already gotten me their submissions!  You can submit all day monday, so get it to me!  Tuesday is too late! 😀

IGNITE: Wednesday night, Dec 12th, it’s the IGNITE CHRISTMAS BANQUET!  Doors open at 5:30, we eat around six.  The food will be SUBLIME.  You’re gonna want to dress FORMAL.  There are TONS of door prizes to win, as well as games to compete in (which will also win you prizes), and of course, it’s the 3rd annual IGNITE FILM FEST (which you can submit films to up until Tuesday, so send me those links, airdrop me those files, you know what to do.)


Youth this week

TUESDAY DEC 4th, we have FUEL!  Grades 5-8 from 6:30-8:00 pm!  Next tuesday is the FUEL CHRISTMAS PARTY and Film fest.  For the Christmas Party, we’re gonna be eating our traditional Spaghetti and Meat sauce meal at 6pm!  The meal is FREE!  BUT you will need to bring a $10 gift-exchange gift (buy one for someone the same gender as you!).

WEDNESDAY, DEC 5th we have IGNITE! Grades 8-12, from 7-9pm!  Christmas banquet (Next Wednesday) tickets can be purchased this week at youth, from the office, or Sunday at church for $5!  Invite your friends, it’s gonna be DELICIOUS and a good time all around!

YOUTH for Nov 27 and 28!

Youth small groups



Gr 8-10 guys at the church for NERF WAR, bring $2 for snacks
Gr 11-12 guys at DAVE’s place,6214 Rexford Dr. bring $2
Gr 8-10 girls at Roxanne’s place, making pizza! 6284 Edson Drive, bring $2
Gr 11-12 girls at the STARBUCKS at eagle landing, bring money for what you want

On TUESDAY NIGHT, It’s FUEL!  How exciting!  On WEDNESDAY NIGHT, It’s small groups.  Very good.  Coming up for FUEL it’s the Christmas Party (Dec 11th) and for IGNITE it’s the Christmas Banquet (Dec 12th)!  BOTH will have a film-fest, so make sure you make your movies and enter them for the chance to win some sweet prizes.  In the past, prizes have included a go pro, an intuos drawing tablet, AND. SO. MUCH. MORE!

YOUTH, Nov 20 and 21!


TUESDAY!  Just a reminder, we aren’t having FUEL this week!  But we’ll see you back NEXT WEEK!

WEDNESDAY!  Grades 8-12, 7-9pm!  Hannah is doin the talk, youth band will be leading the music, and we’ll be playing some minute-to-win-it’s and eating food and hangin out!  Hope to see yah out!


  1. Parents: This Sunday, Nov 25th, 5-7pm, Our church is hosting TWU’s Dr. Matthew Etherington. He’s doing a two part evening!  Part one: living as Christians in a world that doesn’t agree with us, and part two: a case study in an appropriate Christian response to SOGI123.
  2. Next Wednesday is Small group night for IGNITE people
  3. Dec 11th is the FUEL Christmas Party/1st annual Film Fest!
  4. Dec 12th is the IGNITE Christmas banquet/3rd annual Film Fest!

IGNITE- Nov 14th, 2018!


TONIGHT- IGNITE! From 7-9pm for grades 8-12!  We’re eating FRIES, we’re playing some games, we’re worshiping God, and we’re talking about relationships.  I figure we’d get a jump on spring fever.


  1. There is NO FUEL Tuesday, Nov 20th.  That means no Jr band either!
  2. There IS IGNITE! It’s Wednesday, Nov 21st.  Hannah is doing the talk!
  3. FUEL RESUMES Tuesday, Nov 27th.
  4. IGNITE SMALL GROUPS is Wednesday, Nov 28th!
  5. Both FUEL AND IGNITE have Christmas banquets/parties/FILM FESTS coming up!

YOUTH! Nov 6 and 7, 2018!

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TONIGHT (Tuesday, Nov 6th) it’s FUEL for grades 5-8.  We’re having hot dogs for snacks, they always hit the spot!  Weston’s bringing the good word.

WEDNESDAY (Nov 7th), Grades 8-12 are having our annual game of OPERATION MIDNIGHT RUSH!  So dress warm, bring a flashlight, wear running shoes!  The winning team gets pizza, and the losers get hot chocolate (which, after running around in the cool night, will still be pretty great).  Invite your friends!



Youth time

This week, for both TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, there will be a costume contest, with prizes and everything!  SO MAKE SURE YOU DRESS UP!  As well as our usual goings-on!

Also, the SR High retreat is NOT this week, but NEXT Week (Nov 9-11, leave from SFBC around 2:30pm!  So if you’re intending to go, MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER ASAP by clicking this sentence, putting in your info, and paying!  

NEXT TUESDAY will be regular fuel, and NEXT WEDNESDAY will be our neighborhood-wide game: OPERATION MIDNIGHT RUSH!