YOUTH: Feb 19th and 20th, 2019!

Youth Feb 19

TUESDAY NIGHT!  Fuel is on from 6:30-8pm for grades 5-8!  Be careful on the roads out there, it’s supposed to be a bit icy and snowy, but as of right now (tuesday at noon) it’s looking like the roads might be good enough to make a go of it!  We’re talking about FOMO (the fear of missing out) and we’re eating icecream, just in case you weren’t cold enough.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT!  Ignite is on from 7-9pm for grades 8-12!  Hopefully the roads will be cleared nicely by then.  We’re talking about prayer!  It’s so essential to our relationship with God, but often, we don’t take it very seriously.  We’re also gonna have some great food and have fun hanging out with each other so be here!

ALSO- This sunday is the Mexico Team Pie Auction Fundraiser!  So if you’d like to bring some money and try and snag a pie, that’d be a great idea!  You can also donate directly to the team or the project.

YOUTH, Feb 12 + 13, 2019!

Youth Feb 11.png

Assuming we aren’t snowed out (Check back HERE for that info, or on instagram or facebook!) We’ll be meeting at the church for YOUTH!  Tuesday night for grades 5-8 and Wednesday night for grades 8-12.

Fuel kids (Tuesday night) don’t forget we’re planning on going to FG Leary’s production of “Wizard of OZ” which is directed and produced by Clayton Willms (one of our fearless leaders) and has a couple of our students involved in making it happen.  Tickets for students are $5 and I need to know 100% for sure if you are planning on going by Tuesday, Feb 12th.  It’s Tuesday Feb 26th at the Rotary Hall Studio Theatre, you can buy your tickets off of me!

YOUTH: Feb 5+6, 2019!


TUESDAY is regular FUEL and we’re talking about friends.  Good friends, bad friends, and everything inbetween!  Don’t forget, you need to sign up if you want to go to Wizard of Oz for our small group night on Tuesday Feb 26th! It’s put on by FG Leary, directed by our very own Clayton Willms, and some of our students are involved in it, so we should cheer them on!  Tickets are $5, get signed up on Tuesday and the money in as quick as you can.

WEDNESDAY is small group night.  Normally we’d be scattered all over the city, but it just so happens that this week, everyone is meeting at the church, 7-9pm!  Bring $2 to help cover the cost of food and supplies if you could.  Guys are playing games and girls are having a bob ross paint night (and as such, may want to wear clothes they don’t mind getting paint on)

THIS WEEK: Talent shows!

Talent shows are SO MUCH FUN!  We’ve got 5 signed up for Tuesday (grades 5-8, 6:30-8pm) and 11 for Wednesday (grades 8-12, 7-9pm)!  If you want to perform and haven’t signed up, you have TODAY to do it!  Let me know by emailing me at or sending me a message any way you know how.  Carrier pigeon.  IT’S GONNA BE A GREAT WEEK!

NEXT WEEK, regular Fuel resumes (the first of our QUESTION nights, so write your questions and put ’em in the question box) and our Wednesday night group is having SMALL GROUPS, but you know all this, cause you check the calendar page regularly!

spread the word!