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Youth: Wednesday May 1st!

Youth Times

THIS WEDNESDAY from 7-9pm, our grade 8-12 group meets!  It’s looking nice, so we’ll probably play a game outside, and Diana came in and made us a FEAST for snack (so look forward to that!)  Make sure you bring your May Camp forms in (may camp is only a couple weeks away, May 17th-20th, $125!  You can get your forms at the youth booth).

ALSO, THIS FRIDAY-SATURDAY, it’s the FUEL OVERNIGHTER!  Costs $5 per kid for grades 5-8.  The grade 5ers can come from 8-11pm, and the grade 6-8ers can stay over from 8pm-8am the next morning!  Those staying overnight should bring a sleeping bag and a pillow.

YOUTH: Wednesday, April 24th!

Spring time

TONIGHT!  Eric Luesink is bringing the good word, Hannah’s leading worship, and the weather is hopefully gonna be nice and sunny so we can play a game outside maybe!?  Also, snack is pizza for last week’s winning team (and something not pizza for everyone else).  It’s gonna be a good night, so make sure you’re here!

Also, you can sign up for May Camp and get your forms in (for students grade 8-12, costs $125, let me know if you have dietary restrictions asap!) and for our grade 5-8 students, we’re having our overnighter not this friday but next friday!

Youth: April 16th and 17th!

youth tonight.png

TUESDAY NIGHT- Youth for grades 5-8 is from 6:30-8pm!  Make sure you sign up for our upcoming overnighter, which costs $5 and is from 8:00pm to 8:00am for grades 6-8 (grade 5ers are welcome to come from 8pm-11pm!).

WEDNESDAY NIGHT- Youth for grades 8-12 is a PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT! I realize I spelt scavenger wrong in the photo, but i figure you get the idea.  What is it?  It’s a game!  You’ll want to be at the church 7pm SHARP to hear the rules, get into groups, and get as many pictures on the list as you can before the deadline hits so that you can win pizza for your team!  Invite your friends and dress in weather appropriate clothing!

See you at youth this week!

YOUTH:April 9 and 10!

Spring time

Tuesday grades 5-8 from 6:30-8 and Wednesday grades 8-12 from 7-9pm!  Regular youth nights for each, you’re not gonna want to miss it!

Tuesday we’re talking about living for God even when it seems crazy, and Wednesday we’re talking about what happens when relationships get difficult, REAL difficult.  They’re both gonna be good!

We’ll play games, eat snacks, hang out with friends, worship God and hear from the Bible, so invite your friends and we’ll see yah there!

Also, maybe this will be your week to win a sweet sweet sticker.  WE’LL SEE

YOUTH: Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019!

Youth Times

Tonight!  Youth, 7-9pm for grades 8-12.  We’re talking about dreams.  Not the ones you have when you sleep, the ones you have for your life.  How do you know which ones are legit and which ones are just a waste of time?  How do you know which ones God might want you to pursue?  THAT’s what we’re talking about tonight.

We’re also eating snacks and hanging out and playing games and worshiping God, so you’re gonna want to be here, and bring some friends!

Just a reminder- over spring break, there is no youth!  Tuesday youth resumes April 2nd and Wednesday youth resumes April 3rd!