Spring time

Here’s what the break-down at youth looks like for the next few weeks!

Tonight! (Wednesday, May 22nd)  7-9pm is IGNITE!  Graeson’s bringing the good word, the band is leading worship, the weather is great and we’ll run around and play some games (or just enjoy the sun, if you aren’t for running!) and snack is happening!  WHAT FUN.

TUESDAY, May 28th from 6:30-8pm is our FUEL PARENT NIGHT!  Parents, stick around to see what we get up too with fuel. Games, worship, and a talk meant to inspire kids to follow Jesus!  We will also spend some time talking about how to help keep your kids engaged with youth group over the summer.

WEDNESDAY, May 29th from 7-9pm is IGNITE, Devon is speaking!  Expect all your usual Sardis Fellowship Youth goodness!

TUESDAY, June 4th  from 5:30-8:15pm, it’s the FUEL WRAP-UP at CASTLE FUN PARK!  I think it’ll end up being between $15 and $20 a person.  Parents that can help car-pool, i’ll cover your admission cost as a thank-you!

WEDNESDAY, June 5th from 6pm-9pm, it’s our END OF THE YEAR BBQ and GRAD HONORING NIGHT!  If you’re graduating, you’re gonna want to be there, cause (among other things) you’ll get a grad gift!  Even if you haven’t been at youth much this year because Grade 12 took over, you’re gonna wanna be here on this night.

WEDNESDAY, June 12th is CHILLIWACK CITYWIDE YOUTH!  It’s $2 at Mainstreet Church from 6:45-9pm.

After June 12th, there will be some VBS preparation events where you can help get stuff ready for Soccer Camp!  The FULL summer youth Schedule should be posted online shortly, don’t forget to check out the calendar tab for an up-to-date listing of our events.

One last thing- starting in the summer, all of our upcoming youth events will be posted to our church’s website, so you can get all of your youth information on the same website where you get the rest of your info about church!

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