YOUTH: It’s Christmas Week!

banquet website.png

Well, I mean, technically, it isn’t christmas week for another few weeks, BUT IT’S THE YOUTH CHRISTMAS WEEK THIS WEEK!  Joy, joy, joy!

FUEL: Tuesday night (Dec 11th) It’s the FUEL CHRISTMAS PARTY!  Come 6pm HUNGRY and ready to eat SPAGHETTI!  Also bring a $10 gift-exchange gift for someone of the same gender!  It’s also our FIRST FUEL FILM FEST, and many have already gotten me their submissions!  You can submit all day monday, so get it to me!  Tuesday is too late! 😀

IGNITE: Wednesday night, Dec 12th, it’s the IGNITE CHRISTMAS BANQUET!  Doors open at 5:30, we eat around six.  The food will be SUBLIME.  You’re gonna want to dress FORMAL.  There are TONS of door prizes to win, as well as games to compete in (which will also win you prizes), and of course, it’s the 3rd annual IGNITE FILM FEST (which you can submit films to up until Tuesday, so send me those links, airdrop me those files, you know what to do.)

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