YOUTH for Nov 27 and 28!

Youth small groups



Gr 8-10 guys at the church for NERF WAR, bring $2 for snacks
Gr 11-12 guys at DAVE’s place,6214 Rexford Dr. bring $2
Gr 8-10 girls at Roxanne’s place, making pizza! 6284 Edson Drive, bring $2
Gr 11-12 girls at the STARBUCKS at eagle landing, bring money for what you want

On TUESDAY NIGHT, It’s FUEL!  How exciting!  On WEDNESDAY NIGHT, It’s small groups.  Very good.  Coming up for FUEL it’s the Christmas Party (Dec 11th) and for IGNITE it’s the Christmas Banquet (Dec 12th)!  BOTH will have a film-fest, so make sure you make your movies and enter them for the chance to win some sweet prizes.  In the past, prizes have included a go pro, an intuos drawing tablet, AND. SO. MUCH. MORE!

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