Oct 9 and 10, 2018!

Youth time.png

Hello all!  Tuesday night, from 6:30-8:00, we’re back in the swing of FUEL!  Grades 5-8.  Bring your friends out to hear what INTERN WESTON has to say!  Also, the snack is gonna be ice cream sammies, so look forward to that!

WEDNESDAY night from 7-9pm, it’s IGNITE!  Grades 8-12 should come hang out with us as we worship God together and continue to hear about the difference between a FAN of Jesus and a FOLLOWER of Jesus.  EXCITING TIMES!

ALSO, THIS WEDNESDAY if you wanted to serve at Ruth and Naomi’s, let Rob know ASAP!  That’s from 4pm-9pm and you get dropped off AND picked up at Ruth and Naomi’s (46130 Margaret Ave, Chilliwack, BC).

Upcoming events include an overnighter for the IGNITE group on Friday, Oct 19-20 (SIGN UP THIS WEEK PLEASE! Cost is $30, permission slips will be available on SUNDAY!) as well as the JR and SR high retreats at camp Qwanoes!

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