IGNITE: Wednesday, June 6th!

Dave Ignite.png

THIS WEEK: Wednesday, 7pm-9pm, it’s IGNITE!  Come hear David Wall of Youth Leading Fame share the good word!  He’s talking about Jesus, and how Jesus changes everything, so you’re gonna want to be here.  Worship with us, eat food with us, and if the weather’s nice, play some games!  If it isn’t, just come and chill.  It’s gonna be fun either way!  See you here, grades 7-12!

NEXT WEEK: 6pm – 9pm costing $5 it’s the END OF THE YEAR BARBECUE and Graduate honoring time!  We’ll eat burgers, have yearbooks for you to pick up (they’ll be free this year!) and possibly even youth band CD’s if you want one (who even has a CD player anymore?)  If the weather’s nice, we’ll do our traditional game of bloodball and do the whole thing outside!  WHAT FUN.

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