Small Group Night, Wed Mar 1!

IGNITE small group

Grade 7-10 boys Watson Elementary (45305 Watson) 7:15-9:15 (Free pizza for the 7-8 boys will be due to being the Christmas Banquet winners!)
Grade 11-12 boys Shandhar Hut, 5:30 for food (bring money), Then Games at Dave Wall’s (6214 Rexford Dr)  until 9:00.
Grade 7-8 Girls At the McCutcheons (41918 south sumas road)   from 7-9pm!  Baking cinnamon pull-aparts and playing games!  Mmmm
Grade 9-10 Girls CHILLIBOWL! Bring at least $10. Meet there at 7 and we’ll be done at 9. (pickup location TBD (either chillibowl or Decades!)
Grade 11-12 Girls At the Shauf’s (#7-45865 Lewis Ave, park on the street) from 7-9pm!  Food, games, good times!

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