Small Group Night! Dec 7th, 2016!

IGNITE small group

Grade 7-10 boys are at the church for a church-wide nerf war and other indoor wide games! 7-9pm.  (Renting a school gym fell through because of all the christmas productions)
Grade 11-12 boys are meeting at the Heppell’s place (42730 Janzen Rd) for a game of world domination and other happenings! 7-9pm.
Grade 7-8 girls are meeting at the church at 6:45 – 9pm!  Bring $10 for castle fun park, as well as extra money for McDonalds on the way back!
Grade 9-10 girls are meeting at Jennea’s (6225 Sumas Prairie Road) from 7-9pm!
Grade 11-12 girls are meeting up in the youth room for a movie (Home Alone) and snacks! 7-9pm

Email me ( if you have any questions regarding the small group night!  See you there!

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