IGNITE: Wednesday, April 13th, 2016!


I don’t know much about fabric, but I do know a bit about “putting out a fleece”.  It’s a Christianese phrase!  and it’s a gooder, cause it comes right out of the Bible.  And whether or not you know what it means, chances are you’ve done it.

IGNITE!  This wednesday, 7-9pm for grades 7-12!  Games, Hangin’ out with friends, worship God, learn from the Bible, talk out your faith and figure out what you believe.  See you there!


This friday, from 4pm-5pm, is JR YOUTH BAND!  If you’re learning your instrument and want to come play in a band, we’ll see yah there.

May camp is coming up, for grades 8-12!  May 20th to 23rd, costs $125 in registration (make cheques out to Sunnybrae Bible Camp) plus a $10 transportation fee (cash or cheque to Sardis Fellowship for the transportation fee).



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