Wednesday, October 28th, 2015


This Wednesday, from 7pm-9pm, it’s IGNITE!  A few things you need to know:

  1. There is gonna be a costume contest!  Prizes! So wear a good costume!  (No weapons as part of your costume though for real. that should be a no brain-er by this point)
  2. There is likely going to be pizza buns!  that’ll be tasty
  3. Grades 7-8 are continuing youth alpha!  invite your friends!
  4. Grades 9-12 are talking about porn and masturbation!  Awkward, but necessary!


Friday night LINK’D is this friday!  It’s youth for kids too young for youth.  It would be great if you students could sign up to be leaders for the little kids!  Sign up at the youth board.

ALSO, if you are going on a QWANOES retreat, register at AND sign up at youth (so that I can make sure our groups are in cabins with eachother)

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