Wednesday, April 8th, 2015: SMALL GROUP NIGHT

small group aprilWednesday, April 8th, from 7pm until 9pm is SMALL GROUP NIGHT!  The ugly graphic banner I made for this event was made to inform, not to look good.

JR high BOYS are hanging out in the fireside room…  Games will happen!  Mini-stick hockey, nerf wars, who knows.  Talk to your Leaders for more details!

Jr high GIRLS are going to be at Stef’s house (44745 Cumberland Ave) watching “Soul Surfer” and eating delicious snacks.  MMM MMM GOOD.  Talk to Alana or Stef for more details!

SR high BOYS are in the Sanctuary, watching NAPOLEON DYNAMITE!  Again, ask your leaders for more details, for example, if there is food.

SR high GIRLS are up in the Youth room, watching the classic “Princess Bride”, eating good food, and manicures? or pedicures? i don’t know. one of those curing things.  Talk to Sunshine or Katelyn for more deets!


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