IGNITE: March 18th, 2015!

howcanalovinggodsendpeopletohellComing up THIS WEDNESDAY!  “How can a loving God send people to hell?”  A big question in need of discussion.  So, Wednesday, 7pm-9pm, hope to see you there!

Set up Crew:  please remember to come at 6pm (not 5:30).  We’ll try it out for a week, and if it works well, it’ll be our new norm!

NEXT WEDNESDAY, a guest speaker!  Our very own David Wall!  (Yay!)

Don’t forget, upcoming events:
1)  SMALL GROUP NIGHT- a little whiles away yet, but coming up none-the-less!  (april 8th)
2)  MUDFEST, Saturday april 25th (You can sign up this Wednesday!)
3)  MAYCAMP is may long weekend!  Book it off and save your pennies!
4)  STUFF-A-TRUCK is also in may!


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