Wednesday, January 28th, 2015!

Plunge AdvertisementThat’s right!  this Wednesday night, January the 28th, 2015, is the TALENT SHOW!  Send Rob an email or a facebook or a text if you want to be in it and haven’t signed up yet.  Just a reminder: if you’re submitting a video, It can’t be longer than five minutes.

Also- Remember to buy your PLUNGE tickets!  (The plunge is Friday Feb 6th 2015!)  In case you don’t know what the plunge is, here’s an explanation:
1)  6:45 doors open
2)  7pm worship and games and good stuff. Prizes! etc.  Great band, talk, all that!
3)  9pmish  Pizza and stuff
4)  10pm  We’re swimming at the wave pool
5)  11:30pm  Grabbing Slurpees
6)  12:00 midnight  hometime!

It’s a lot of fun.  If you are a parent who can help with carpooling, let Rob know!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 28th, 2015!

  1. Rob this is good, and very helpful for the parents who are getting it, I did notice though that the date of the Plunge event was not on the promo, which maybe they know when it is…but maybe they don’t either. Just a thought. Thanks, Rod.

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