IGNITE: January 14th, 2015!

wearebackWe are back!  Nothing says “we’re back” like a spinny gif ripped straight from the headlines of yesterday’s internet.   From seven to nine PM this wednesday, grades seven to twelve, IGNITE sardis fellowship youth is happening.  See you there!

If you want a preview of what the spring has in store, make sure you click the “event calendar” page.  We’ve got a lot of good talks planned, great worship, fun events, chances to get involved!  So, check out the calendar for upcoming stuff.

Here’s what’s coming up in the next few weeks:

1)  Wednesday, Jan 14th- IGNITE!
2)  Sunday, Jan 18th- The youth band is leading!  Tons of places you can help out in the service!  talk to rob.
2)  Wednesday, Jan 21st- IGNITE!
3)  Thursday, Jan 22nd-  “The Color” concert @ central!  $5, let rob know your coming asap!
4)  Wednesday, Jan 28th- TALENT SHOW!  So sign up!

and THE PLUNGE is just around the corner in February!



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