CHRISTMAS BANQUET: Sunday, Dec 14th, 2014!

Here is the latest Grape and Square, in case you missed it.

CHRISTMAS BANQUET, This SUNDAY!  6pm until 9:45pm at the church!
You can still get tickets for $2 if you buy them SUNDAY MORNING!  After that, they are $5 at the door.

A few things about the banquet:
1)  Dress formally!  Classy!  Snazzy!  real top-notch like.
2)  Bring an umbrella
3)  Don’t forget a coat of some sort.
4)  For every non-perishable food item you bring, you get a ticket in the raffle.  Prizes YES!  Don’t bring instant noodles though.  they are perishable.
5)  DON’T eat before you get there!  Well, i mean, eat lunch, but don’t eat supper.  there will be plenty of food.

See you there!

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