IGNITE: Wednesday, December 10th, 2014!

christmas adI hope you like the ugly picture i made to help promote THIS WEEK’s IGNITE!

First things first:  This wednesday, from 7-9pm, it’s IGNITE!  Worship God with music, Rob’s wrapping up the “counterfeit gods” series, guys VS gals, candy, all that usual goodness.  It’s the LAST IGNITE of the fall!  Spring kick-off is January 14th!

Second:  THIS SUNDAY from 6pm until 9:45 is the CHRISTMAS BANQUET!  It’s for grades 7-12, it costs $2 if you buy your tickets ahead of time (or $5 at the door).  THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW:
1)  Dress nicely!  Formally.  We’re gonna class up this place.
2)  Bring a donation for the food bank!  For every donation you bring, you get a raffle ticket for door prizes!  Bring lots of food, increase your chances to win STELLAR prizes!
3)  Bring an umbrella if it looks like rain.
4)  Invite your friends!  it’s always a good time.

Third:  Next Wednesday, there isn’t ignite, but there is a church-wide nerf war!  7:00-9:00.


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