Coming up!

Just a reminder:

Rake-day is tomorrow (November 23rd, 2013!)
We are meeting at the church at 9:30 am, and raking until 12:00 noon at which point we will eat DELICIOUS hot dogs at the church!  should be all wrapped up by 12:30.
2)  Bring a rake!

Next Wednesday (November 27th, 2013) is small groups night!
The girls (Jr and Sr) are meeting at the church for cookie decoratin’ (and eating, i’m sure) and Christmas Movie watching times!  Small group extravaganza.  It’ll be a GRAND time!  starts at 6:30 and goes until 9:00.
The guys (Jr and Sr) will HOPEFULLY be meeting at a Gym somewhere in town (or possibly out in greendale) from 7:00 – 9:00 to play some floor hockey!  If the Gym option doesn’t end up working out, we will be playing mini-stick hockey in the foyer of the church; we’ll get a couple rinks set up so there isn’t a lot of down time.  Check the website for more details, which will be posted by tuesday at the latest.

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