IGNITE- Wednesday, Dec 6th, 2017!

Christmas Banquet Poster.png

TONIGHT!  IGNITE!  We’re finishing the book of judges!  We’re eating delicious breakfast sugar!  We’re worshiping God through music, hanging out with friends, playing some great games, buying $5 christmas banquet tickets, and REMEMBERING to submit our entries for FILM FEST!   There are good prizes, so you’re not gonna wanna slouch.

NEXT WEEK is the Christmas banquet, the details of which are found on the poster pictured above!  See you all here tonight!

IGNITE: Nov 15, 2017!


TONIGHT! From 7-9pm!  It’s IGNITE!  And it’s gonna be a gooder.

  1. We’ve got a special guest, DENVER COLORADO, with a game to put your mind to the test!
  2. We’re eating CEREAL!  I bought TONS last week, so we gotta polish it off!  Don’t worry, the milk is fresh!
  3. We’re talking about this: would you rather have a clear answer from God, or God’s presence when life gets crazy?

Also, coming up: Christmas banquet AND filmfest are on December 13th!  Tickets aren’t on sale yet, but mark your calendars!

IGNITE: Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017!

CLICK HERE to register for this weekend’s SR HIGH RETREAT!  We’re meeting at the church at 3:15pm (don’t forget your $30 ferry fee, medical form, and if you want: a little extra money for the ferry trips!)

There are 3 things unique about THIS WEEK’s IGNITE that you’re not gonna want to miss:

  1. There will be food (but not while we talk about human sacrifices)
  2. The talk is on human sacrifices (for real! Read Judges 10-12)
  3. Church-wide game for prizesss!

That’s a lot of things, so make sure you show up on time or else you’re gonna miss stuff.  Actually.  Show up at seven!  7-9pm for grades 7-12!  LOOKIN’ FORWARD TO IT!

IGNITE- Nov 1, 2017!

THIS WEDNESDAY, nov 1, 2017!  WEAR COSTUMES!  WIN PRIZES!  Probably candy!?  MAYBE BETTER THAN CANDY!?  We’ll see, we’ll see.

Wednesday, 7-9pm, IGNITE for grades 7-12!  We’ll see you there!

ALSO- the JR high retreat is THIS WEEKEND!  We’ll be meeting at the church on friday PROMPTLY at 3:15 to go on the retreat!  Don’t forget to bring some money for food on the ferry, and your $30 ferry fee!  Click this link to register for the JR retreat (ages 12-14).  Click here to register for the SR retreat (Ages 15-18).

IGNITE: Oct 25th, 2017!

HELLO IGNITE PEOPLE!  Tonight from 7-9pm for grades 7-12, it’s IGNITE!  Which means there will be worship and working through God’s word (we’re in the book of Judges right now!)  games, friends, snacks, all that good stuff!

ALSO- the JR high retreat is not this weekend, but NEXT weekend!  We’ll be meeting at the church in two fridays at 3:15pm to go on the retreat!  so click this link to register for the JR retreat (ages 12-14).  Click here to register for the SR retreat (Ages 15-18).