YOUTH, Sept 18 and 19, 2018!

IGNITE Sept 18.png

TUESDAY FUEL has Weston bringing the good word!  It’s nice outside so wear your running shoes!  6:30-8pm for grades 5-8!  Invite your friends.

WEDNESDAY IGNITE continues the “not a fan” series!  There will be pizza pops and breakfast cereal, as well as a chance to worship God together and just hang out!  So be there!

The events calendar  has been updated with what’s happening this fall, so make sure you give it a look and get it all planned!

YOUTH Kicks off this week!


Tuesday night for Grades 5-8 starts at 6:30 and ends at 8:00pm!  Invite your friends! Hang out with friends and leaders, Bring some cash for concession, play games!  This semester we’re talking about the stories Jesus told, so you KNOW it’s gonna be good.

Wednesday night for Grades 8-12 starts 7pm and ends 9pm!  Again, you’re gonna want to invite your friends.  It’s gonna be a good time, hang out with people and eat food and learn about following Jesus (which, as you know, isn’t always easy.)  Also you can find out about all the crazy stuff we have planned for this year, like Qwanoes retreats, overnighters, May Camp, that sorta stuff!  BE THERE!

2018 Missions trip to the Gleaners!

Missions trip

It’s coming up fast!  If you’re planning on going, make sure you have your permission slip handed in along with your $150 fee!  You can download a form by clicking the link below, and you can pay by cash, cheque or debit at the church office.


Also- this Wednesday from 5:30-9:30, it’s a BACK TO SCHOOL BBQ at the Heppells!  $5 gets you food, games, good times.  See you there!


Summer ignite

Tonight, summer IGNITE starts back up again!  We’re gonna eat FREE FOOD, hang out, probably play some games, listen to the good word brought by Ryan, worship God together and have a good time.  So grades 9-12 come on out!

Just a reminder for you grade 8’s!  You get to CHOOSE which group you want to come out to- either the Tuesday night FUEL group or the Wednesday night IGNITE group.  Or you can go to both!

Remember to check the Calendar page for a list of upcoming events!



TONIGHT! Mere HOUR away, from 6pm-9pm is the END OF THE YEAR BBQ!  $5 gets you ALL THIS:


if you’re a graduate, you’re defs gonna wanna be here, cause it’s GRAD HONORING NIGHT! FIGHT for the RIGHT to pick your grad gift FIRST.

Also, get your email address on the list for the youth band’s recordings!


IGNITE: Wednesday, June 6th!

Dave Ignite.png

THIS WEEK: Wednesday, 7pm-9pm, it’s IGNITE!  Come hear David Wall of Youth Leading Fame share the good word!  He’s talking about Jesus, and how Jesus changes everything, so you’re gonna want to be here.  Worship with us, eat food with us, and if the weather’s nice, play some games!  If it isn’t, just come and chill.  It’s gonna be fun either way!  See you here, grades 7-12!

NEXT WEEK: 6pm – 9pm costing $5 it’s the END OF THE YEAR BARBECUE and Graduate honoring time!  We’ll eat burgers, have yearbooks for you to pick up (they’ll be free this year!) and possibly even youth band CD’s if you want one (who even has a CD player anymore?)  If the weather’s nice, we’ll do our traditional game of bloodball and do the whole thing outside!  WHAT FUN.